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I correct grammar, spelling, and sentence structure, as well as eliminate jargon, awkward expressions, and redundant phrases. As required, I will clarify, reword, and organize your material to make it consistent and logical to the targeted reader.


A little bit about myself...

As a versatile freelance editor with a substantial medical background I strive to make your work precise and correct. My experience as a veterinary technnician in areas of internal medicine and surgery has given me a thorough knowledge base and a well rounded understanding of veterinary and medical terminology. You will find that I am extremely reliable, hardworking, and I excel at meeting deadlines. I understand the necessity for discretion and confidentiality in all matters.

I have completed the Publishing Certificate program through Ryerson University and have furthered my experience and education by obtaining the Essential Skills Certificate through the American Medical Writers Association. This certificate includes modules in statistics, medical terminology, ethics, the presentation of tables and graphs, grammar, and usage. Additionally, I have a B.A. (Hons.) in Philosophy from the University of Guelph. During these studies I was challenged to explore a deeper understanding of a variety of themes (including ethics, medicine, science, and law), produce original ideas, and fully explain thoughts through sound arguments. In philosophy, as in editing, it is crucial to achieve clarity and correctness; anything else leads to confusion causing readers to rapidly lose understanding and interest.

I provide a variety of editing services for a wide range of material. While my focus is on academic and scholarly writing, I also enjoy working on non-fiction trade books. My preferred subjects include veterinary medicine, health care, humanities, and social sciences, but I am open to a variety of topics.


Students, please feel free to contact me regarding my policy on editing your thesis or dissertation.


My intent is to help you deliver your ideas in a clean and precise language void of jargon, awkward expressions, and redundant phrases.