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I correct grammar, spelling, and sentence structure, as well as eliminate jargon, awkward expressions, and redundant phrases. As required, I will clarify, reword, and organize your material to make it consistent and logical to the targeted reader.


Editorial Services

My responsibility is to convey your complex ideas in a clean and precise language. I correct grammar, spelling, and sentence structure as well as eliminate jargon, awkward expressions, and redundant phrases. As required, I will clarify, reword, and organize your material to make it consistent and logical to the targeted reader.


I offer three levels of editorial services:

The Big Picture:

Editing for grammar and spelling are a critical aspect to your manuscript; however, if the basic structure is compromised the intended communication will be unclear. Sometimes a document needs reorganizing for clarity, coherence and structure. This level of edit can involve reordering sentences or paragraphs, inserting or deleting text, and addressing length concerns (shortening text where necessary, or alerting where additional explanation is needed). I will ensure clear wording and smooth language in your document, eliminate jargon, awkward or biased phrases, and query any contradictions in information.


  • readability
  • flow
  • clarity
  • language
  • contradictions in information

The Mechanics:

I will perform a copy edit on your manuscript. This involves correcting problems in grammar, spelling, word usage, and sentence structure. In this level of edit, I will also evaluate consistency of formatting issues, numbers, units, and measurements. Additionally, I will ensure the document adheres to the chosen style guidelines. 


  • spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • usage (e.g. affect/effect)
  • cross-referenced information
  • consistency (e.g. tense and formatting)
  • uniformity (e.g. lists and units)

The Final Polish:

This level is commonly known as proofreading, and serves as a final check for accuracy and adherence to the original manuscript. I ensure that any previous errors were corrected and that no new errors have been accidentally introduced. Proofreading is often confused with copy editing; however, the goal of proofreading is not revision, but rather correction: locating minor text and formatting errors and confirming the document is ready for publication.


  • line, paragraph, and margin spacing
  • alignment and consistency of headings, headers/footers, titles, etc.
  • consistency of captions, tables and figures
  • adherence to original work
  • introduced errors

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about any of my editorial services.

Also Available:

Journal Formatting:

Finalizing and formatting your writing for publication can be a daunting task. Save yourself valuable time and energy by submitting your manuscript to me for formatting. I will ensure that your manuscript and references conform to the target journal’s specific requirements. 

Editing Tailored To The Academic*:

Using a professional editor not only improves the quality of your writing, but it will also save you time and increase your chances of publication. By using a professional editor, you will become more aware of the errors you commit most frequently and will learn to recognize them in the future. While I cannot guarantee publication, I am confident that my services will improve the quality of your manuscript, and I promise to work with you until you are satisfied. 

*Students Please Note:

Graduate Students seeking editorial help with your dissertations or theses will need to review the Editors Association of Canada GUIDELINES FOR ETHICAL EDITING OF THESES/DISSERTATIONS. I will then provide a copy of the document to be completed and authorized by both you and your supervisor. This simply specifies that permission has been granted for professional editing and which level of edit is required. Editing will not affect the content or structure of a student’s thesis. I will query your writing and suggest changes. No new content will be introduced. The goal is to improve your ability to effectively communicate your ideas. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you or your supervisor may have.